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The Weirton Area Port Authority (WAPA) is a political subdivision of the West Virginia Public Port Authority, a division of the WVDOT. Created in 1997, its Operating Agreement was issued in 2012. WAPA's charter is to establish an Inland Port and the necessary infrastructure to support intermodal commerce and safety in the designated Port District of Brooke and Hancock Counties, West Virginia.

Infrastructure improvements are focused on stormwater systems, communications, fire suppression, public address, roadway improvements, waterway improvements, safety of life, security and regulatory processes. The initial industry supported by WAPA's efforts is primarily the oil/gas industry with its associated regulatory requirements.

WAPA's Vision

              Commerce  +  Technology  =  Economic Merit


         Defendable Bylaws  +  Resolutions  =  Financeability


                               Underwriteable Income


WAPA's Mission

       Enable 21st-Century Commerce, Security & Public Safety

          with 21st-Century Technology and Communications

               Focused on Infrastructure Improvements that

                  Foster Intermodal CommerceGrowth in

      Northern West Virginia and the Upper Ohio River Region. 



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