Weirton Area Port Authority Board

In July 2014, the Weirton Area Port Authority Board passed Resolution #67-2013_A14-01 which expanded its size from 7 members to 11 members. This transition was approved to better support the Port's Omnibus structure with the necessary committees and oversight, to provide wider representation for the regional public (3 seats) and private (8 seats) constituents, and to bring more expertise and breadth to the Port especially in the areas of finance and  commerce.

Weirton Area Port Authority:    (Port Governance)
             2014 Organization Chart * &  Expanded Governance Structure * 

     WAPA Board & Officers:              Oath of Office   (Video - Directors' Oaths
         Officers:                                        Ethical Behavior Agreement *
             Chairman:           BJ DeFelice 
             Vice Chairman:   Doug Velegol             
             Secretary:            Mark Glyptis  
         Board Members:    (voting)
             BJ DeFelice, CPM -  Oath  -  CPM, Global Sourcing, Hancock County
             Doug Velegol       -  Oath  -  Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Global Manufacturing
             John Dietz            -  Oath  -  Astorino Architecture; Engineering & Construction
             Dan Spickard       -   Oath  -  Insurance and Securities Broker
             Mark Glyptis        -   Oath  -  USW Local 2911 President; ArcelorMittal
             Santo Santoro      -   Oath  -  USW District 1 Representative, Brooke County
         Ex-Offico Members:  (voting, when quorum)
             Farley Wood, P.E. -  Status: Interim;   represents W.Va. Reali Estate Trust LLC 
             Edward Littlejohn -  Status: Interim;   represents Tri-State Port Management LLC
             Hon. Dan Spahn   -   Status: Interim;   represents Pinnacle Group Ltd
     Legal Counsel:          William E. Galloway, Esq,,  Galloway Law

     Office of the Executive Director:  (Org Chart)
          Interim Director     - Karl Keffer IV
          Assistant Director   - open

Weirton Area Port Authority, Inc. (WINC):    (WAPA's Non-Profit Affiliate)
         General Manager:    Jim Greco
         Legal Counsel:          Daniel L. McCune, Esq.,  Selletti, Nogay & McCune

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