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Weirton Area Port, Inc. (WINC), a Federal assistance (IRS 63-20) qualified, public-benefit corporation, is the operational arm of Weirton Area Port Authority (WAPA), an autonomous political subdivision authorized by the West Virginia Public Port Authority. As a non-profit entity, WINC's charter membership is composed of public & private members with the expertise and desire to develop next-generation "commerce" systems and corridors. 

WINC's Focus:

     Establish a 21st-Century transportation & communications foundation enabling region to excel in 21st-Century.
     Establish a Logistics and Technology Village that utilizes new technologies to improve commerce.
     Establish a 100 mile radius commerce & transportation Regional Operations Center for the Upper Ohio River Valley
     Provide necessary tools to promote safety and resilience with the 


     Significant opportunity to promote long-term economic growth and development for the region.
     Opportunity to stimulate the Port’s 100-mile catchment area’s regional economy.
     Opportunity to bring new businesses & jobs to the Northern Panhandle & surrounding communities.
     Successfully utilize the Northern Panhandle’s location and assets to generate revenue.

WINC currently has a volunteer staff laying the foundation for port safety & security, port business operations and communications infrastructure necessary to support DHS and transportation network requirements.

Make a difference in the community and play a role in the valleys' economic recovery and job creation by joining WINC.  If you're interested, read the Membership Rules and submit a Membership application.

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