• Stay abreast of the activities at the Port.
  • Participate in one or more Working Groups to help define and evaluate Port and regional commerce related projects. Current areas of focus are finance, technical, security, compliance and marketing.
  • Become an adopter of West Virginia’s statewide broadband middle-mile network by becoming a user of the Port’s last-mile wireless network to foster regional 21st-Century commerce and information.
  • Have the capability, as a business, to receive wholesale Internet services allowing utilization of advanced technologies for commerce and transportation thus reducing IT costs and improving process efficiencies.
  • Utilize the Port to evaluate and/or support potential community projects for possible Federal grant submission and administration. As the Port Authority grows, training and guidance will be available.
  • Play an active role in establishing and developing regional community resiliency, which is of utmost importance should an “event” occur ensuring the community and its commerce network are prepared and trained with necessary disaster recovery plans.
  • Participate in regional safety training, certifications and exercises to promote preparedness and resiliency of the community and its commerce operations.
  • Get involved with community safety programs through training and participation in Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) programs and Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Programs (HSEEP).
  • and many more …

Please read and review the Membership Rules and submit your Membership and/or Volunteer application(s).

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