Port Governance:   Weirton Area Port Authority  (WAPA)
     Chairman:         Benedict J. "BJ" DeFelice        email:          phone: 304-670-9573
     Office of the Executive Director:  
            Interim Director:        Karl Keffer IV         email:
            Assistant Director:    open
     Mailing Address:  3015 Birch Dr, Weirton, WV 26062         fax: 801-939-8665

Non-Profit Affiliate:   Weirton Area Port Authority, Inc. (WINC)
     Gen Manager:       Jim Greco                email:       
     Mailing Address:  3015 Birch Dr, Weirton, WV 26062         fax: 801-939-8665

Private Affiliate:   Tri-State Port Management, LLC  (TSPM)
     Chairman:     John R. Vargo               email:             phone: 732-300-8662
     President:     Martin Phillips             email:        phone: 740-317-4044
     CEO, Interim:  Mike Tipton               email:          phone: 330-461-6800
     Mailing Address:  200 Stanton Blvd, Suite 240,  Steubenville, OH   43952      fax: 734-448-6800

State Governance:   West Virginia Public Port Authority  (WVPPA)
     Executive Director:   Charles Neal Vance     email:     phone: 304-558-3505
     Mailing Address: 1900 Kanawha Blvd. East, Bldg 5 Rm 129, Charleston, WV 25305-0430

Executive  Governance:   WV Department of Transportation  (WVDOT)
     Secretary:    Paul A. Mattox Jr. , P.E.          email:         phone: 304-558-0444
     Mailing Address:  1900 Kanawha Blvd. East, Bldg 5, Charleston, WV 25305-0430

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