Fact Sheets

Transportation Related:
     WAPA - Marine Terminal Fact Sheet   (2012)
     WAPA - 2012 Master Plan Summary   (2012)
     Weirton Area Port Historical Study Facts   (2011)
     U.S. Public Port Facts   (2011)

Trade & Commerce Related:
     ACE Document Imaging System, CBP   (2013) 
     Accelerating ACE At a Faster Pace, CBP  (2013)
     ACE Overview for Foreign Trade Zone Operators, CBP   (2012) 
     Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Capabilities, CBP   (2012)
     New Foreign Trade Zone Regulations, ITA   (2012)
     US Foreign Trade Zone Programs, ITA   (2011)

Communications Related:
     Nationwide Automatic Identification System, USCG   (2013)
     Rescue-21 System, USCG   (2013)
     Rescue-21 System - Western Rivers, OH River, USCG   (2013)
     Bolstering Broadband to Boost the Economy, USEO   (2012)
     NextGen Air Transportation Fact Sheet, FAA   (2010)
     NextGen Air Transportation Functional Areas, FAA   (2009)

Process Oriented:
     QBS vs. Low Bid Fact Sheet, WV State  (2008)



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