Relevant Federal Docs & Links

Links to Federal Agencies Related to the Port's Mission, Goals & Projects.

WV Federal Delegates:   Senators: Joe Manchin, J.D. Rockefeller;   House Rep, District 1: David McKinley

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) -   FEMA,  USCG,  CBP,  TSA,  SAFECOM, ...
     FEMA   - Federal Emergency Management Administration;  Plan, Prepare & Mitigate
     USCG   - US Coast Guard; USCG 8th District - Western Rivers
     CBP      - US Customs and Border Protection
     TSA      - Transportation Security Administration
     SAFECOM - Public Safety Communications Program

Department of Transportation (USDOT) - MARAD, FHWA,  FMCSA,  PHMSA, ...
      MARAD - Maritime Administration;  Federal Marine Highway System
      FHWA    - Federal Highway Administration
      FMCSA  -  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
      PHMSA  - Pipeline & Hazardous Material Safety Administration

Department of Defense (DOD) -  USACE (under the US Army)
     Links       - US Army Corps of Engineers;  USACE Pittsburgh District
                       Water Resources Development Act (WRDA), Bill 507  (1999)
                       Water Resources Reform & Development Act (WRRDA); Overview  (2014)

     Report:     USACE Water Resource Authorizations, Appropriations & Activities  (Oct 2013)

Department of Commerce (DOC)  - NIST,  NOAA,  FAA,  ...

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
      Report:    Advancing Port Sustainability - An Environmental Management Primer (pdf)

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - Broadband & Public Safety Spectrum, etc.

White House - Executive Orders, Documents, Fact Sheets

Pertinent US Legislation:    (New and/orIn-Process)
     US House Bill 3080 - Water Resource Reform & Development Act of 2014 

Office of Management & Budget (OMB) - Relevant Circulars

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