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Port Workforce Training Initiatives & Connections: *
     > Doc:         Port's Proposed Training Initiative w/WVNCC
     > Slide:       Port Project Areas & MTE Factors Presented to USW
     > Link:        WVNCC - Mechatronics Program  & Petroleum Technology
     > Link:        Port Specified Courses - FEMA Independent Study Program  
     > Map:       Vision of WV NextGen National Advanced Training Network

Critical Infrastructure / Key Resource Courses: (CI/KR)  
     > Video:     Critical Infrastructure & How It Affects Us, Battelle  
     > Video:     Look Around: What is Infrastructure?, City of Shelton
     > FEMA:     IS-821:  Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources Support Annex  (Add'l Info)
     > FEMA:     IS-860:  National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) 
     > FEMA:     IS-913:  Critical Infrastructure Security & Resilience via Collaboration
     > FEMA:     IS-914:  Surveillance Awareness - What You Can Do 
     > FEMA:     IS-915:  Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Insider Threats 
     > FEMA:     IS-916:  Critical Infrastructure: Theft & Diversion - What You Can Do 

Continuity of Operations:  (COOP)
     > Video:    What is Continuity of Operations?  &  Why is COOP Planning Important? 
     > Video:    Partnering to Enhance Critical Infrastructure Protection 
     > DOD:      Community Of Interest (COI) - Training Materials
     > Video:    Homeland Security Infrastructure Program (HSIP) 

     > Video:    Risk Assessment Made Easy  &  Performing a Risk Assessment (slides)
     > Video:    Business Impact Analysis  &  Business Continuity Management
     > Video:    Difference btw Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plans 

Workplace Security: 
     > TSA:       Transportation Worker ID Credential (TWIC): Website, FAQsVideo

     > TSA:       Sensitive Security Information (SSI): BrochureSummaryFAQs, Video
     > DOD:      For Official Use Only (FOUO):  Instructions, Fact Sheet, Video

Workplace Safety: 
     > Video:    OSHA's Haz-Comm - Globally Harmonized System (GHS)
     > Video:    General Safety Rules for Work Sites  &  Ladder Safety
     > Video:    Personal Protective Equipment  &  Lockout/Tagout Safety
     > Video:    Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Use  &   Extinguisher Types
     > Video:    Fire Inspection Ride Along  &  What is a Riser?
     > Video:    Forklift Safety  &  Trenching & Excavation Safety

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT): 
     > DHS:        IS-317: Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) - Training Materials
     > FEMA:     Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Toolkit
     > DMAPS:  Training for Emergency Service Personnel
     > FEMA:     Federal Emergency Management Administration - Training Materials

        Link:        Paramedic to RN Online Training Programs 
        Link:        Paramedic & EMT Online Training 

Arcelor-Mittal Training Programs & Opportunities: 
        Link:        'Steel Worker for the Future' Program
        Link:         Arcelor-Mittal 'E-Learning' & 'U-Learn' Programs
        Link:         Arcelor-Mittal University

Training Guides, Presentations, Materials, etc.: 
     NOAA:         Acquisition Process Guide (APG)
     Treasury:     Automated Standard Application for Payment (ASAP)

eCommerce / Digital Training: 
     > National eCommerce Initiative: Connecting Communities
     > Digital Literacy: Resources & Tools


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