WV State Plans, Reports, Studies, etc.

   WV State Legislature:  Senate - District 1  &  House of Delegates: District 1 & District 2

   WV Public Port Authority (WVPPA)
        Agmt:     West Virginia Public Port Authority Operating Agreement with WAPA  (Aug 2012)
        Plan:       Statewide Strategic Port Master Plan, Parsons Brinkerhoff  (2012)
        Study:     WV Logistics Catchment Study, Parsons Brinkerhoff  (2010)
        Study:     Browns Island Development, Rahall Institute  (2002)
        Bill -       Senate Bill 190: Funding of Transportation Public-Private Projects    (July 2013)
        Rule -     WV Judiciary: Trial Court Rule 29 - Business Court Division    (Sept 2012)
        Code -    Chapter 17-16B: Roads & Highways, Public Port Authority
        Code -    Chapter 17-27:    Roads & Highways, Public-Private Transportation Facilities Act

   WV Department of Transportation (WVDOT)
        Plan:       Statewide Multi-modal Transportation Plan, Wilbur Smith & Assoc.  (2010)
        Report:   WV ITS Architecture Development: Executive Summary, ConSys Technical  (2010)
        Flyer:      QBS versus Low Bid  (2006)
        Guide:    Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) Process  (2006)
        Plan:       Strategic ITS Plan for the State of WV, ConSys Technical  (2006)

   WV Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety (DMAPS)
        Plan:       West Virginia Homeland Security Strategy  (2010)
        Report:   Understanding Mobile Broadband for Public Safety, DHS  (2011)

   WV Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management (HSEM)
        Plan:        WV Emergency Operations Plan, Basic  (2008)

   WV Department of Environmental Protection (WV DEP) 
        Review:   WV Triennial Review & Update to Water Quality Standards   (2013)
        Ruling:    Title 47, Series 2 - Requirements Governing Water Quality Standards    (2013)
        Report:   WV Integrated Water Quality Monitoring & Assessment Report   (2012)
        Map:       WV Watershed Map 
        Links:      EPA: The Upper Ohio River Watershed 
        Guide:     Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) Guidance Manuals   (2008)
        Facts:      Evaluating MS4 Effectiveness & Funding MS4 Programs   (2008)

   WV Office of Technology (WVOT)
        Plan:        Office of Technology Strategic Plan 2010-2013  (2010)
        Plan:        Information Security Strategic Plan for 2011  (2010)

   WV Transparency
        Newsltr:   WV Ethics Newsletter - Updates to Law Defining Meeting Notices  (2013)
        Slides:      Auditor's Office - State Gov't Accountability & Spending Transparency (2013)
        Report:     Center for Budget & Policy - Business Subsidies Report  (2009)
        Opinion:   Ethics Commission - Open Meetings Advisory Opinion 2004-05  (2004)

   WV State Budget Office
         Article:  Understanding the FY-2015 Budget Quagmire,  Sen. Brooks McCabe   (02/25/14)
         Brief:     The Governor's FY-2015 Budget: Doing Less with Less; WV Center on Budget & Policy  (Feb 2014)
         Link:       Approved FY-2014 Budgets      

Other WV State Links:
     > WV Economic Development Authority (WVEDA)
     WV Development Office (WVDO)
     WV Department of Commerce (WVDOC)
     > WV Broadband Deployment Council (WVBDC)
     > WV Ethics Commission
     > WV Judiciary, Business Court Division
     > WV Center on Budget & Policy (WVCBP)
     > WV Intelligence Fusion Center (WVIFC)
     > WV Citizen Corps (WVCC)

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