Pike Island Pool Marine Terminal Operations

The "Pike Island Pool" on the Northern Ohio River is the body of water bounded by the Pike Island Locks & Dam on its south and the New Cumberland Locks & Dam on its north.  
[FAQ: Lock pools are always named after the southern most Lock that bounds the Pool.]

Pike Island Locks & Dam     New Cumberland Locks & Dam


The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) provides daily & monthly metrics of traffic/tonnage passing through the U.S. locks. This information can be accessed at USACE's Lock Performance Monitoring System.  

The Pike Island Pool Marine Terminal is located on the Northern Ohio River at Mile Marker 65 which is situated at a horseshoe bend in the river with the location commonly referred to as "Cables Eddy."


[FAQ: Cables Eddy is named after Ephraim Cable who purchased Ohio property in 1796 at Mile 64.3. This location is south of Brown's Island and results in an opposite swirling current, an 'eddy', that must be maneuvered by river traffic.]


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