Pike Island Pool Marine Terminal Project Pictures

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Full Terminal View of the Pike Island Pool Marine Terminal  (May 2013)

Ohio River View of the Pike Island Pool Marine Terminal  (May 2013 & Oct 2012)

Artist Renditions & Initial Planning  (April-May 2012)

Hospitality Center & Services  (Sep 2013)

Towers & Antenna: Flood Warning, ESS, Unmanned Lighthouse, Radio Tower, Landing Zone  (Sept 2013)
            Unmanned Navigation Lighthouse               

Birch Drive Drainage Issue & DOH Resolution  (June 2012 - Oct 2012)

Stormwater Runoff System Construction  (Oct 2012)

Duct Bank & Pipeline Installations  (Nov 2012)

Canopy Construction & Pump Installs  (Sept - Nov 2012)


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